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Access Care Clinic was born to address the poor accessibility to healthcare services by people in hard-to-reach areas in Cameroon. Most communities lack health facilities and good road networks, leaving the inhabitants seeking for medical attention to walk long distances. The Clinic therefore has as aim to set health facilities in remote areas and recruit young graduates to move from home-to-home offering basic healthcare services while using the Clinic as focal point. The goals are to provide the much- needed healthcare services in these remote areas, while providing jobs to the graduates and strengthening the local economy.

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The Clinic is headed by the Executive Director of the Foundation and has a Medical Director who supervises all medical proceedings and an Administrator who is in charge of the day-to- day running of the center with the collaboration of all the staff who have been attributed different responsibilities. The Foundation, Institute and Health Centre work in strict compliance with the regulations in force and is a major partner of the Government in providing adequate healthcare services.

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