Admission Policy

Access Care Institute admission policy is based on the philosophy of “Open Admissions.” In its purest form, it admits students with GCE Advanced Level or equivalent qualifications, thereby, allowing any student who has successfully completed high school the opportunity to pursue professional studies. The minimum requirement for admission is a pass in two Advance Level subjects or its equivalents.

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Admission Requirements
  • GCE A/L, BAC or equivalents for HND/Bachelors
  • HND, HPD, SRN or equivalent for 12 months conversion to Bachelors
  • A/L and Nursing Assistant/Vocational Training Diploma for nine months conversion to HND
  • Bachelor’s Degree for Master’s Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree for Postgraduate Diploma
  • English is the official language of instruction at ACI and all our students will be expected to study in English Language. Preparatory lessons are available for non English speakers._

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